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One of the best ways to improve your career or your business is to network with people and share your knowledge. Professional connections in businesses are significant. These links will establish trust, increase your awareness and it also promotes word of mouth advertising. Most of us might be hesitant to join such networking groups, but if you want to learn new things have a good growth in your career, then you have to join a few networking organisations which will benefit you.

Top networking organisations for IT professionals

The following are some of the top networking organisations for IT professionals:

Women in Technology:

Gone are the days where the only job of women is to stay at home and take care of the family. Women have emerged and got them educated and now have a career and they take care of their families too. One of the main ideas behind Women in technology is to help various women in this Industry. The organisation has about 1000 members, and they mentor women at any levels of their career. Many educational programs are conducted, and a variety of topics are discussed.

National Association of Programmers:

NAP was founded in the year 1995. One of the main objectives of the organisation is to provide certification programs to IT professionals. The standards for certificates that are provided at the association are based on knowledge, experience and education. There is a professional code of ethics at NAP which everyone has to follow. NAP has many members, and it provides you public awareness of the industry.

Association of Information Technology Professionals:

The organisation is one of the leading associations for IT professionals. You can also join if you are a student and learn about various things in the industry. As an IT professional you can build your network and develop your career in the association. You get to know the current business trends and technology which you will be using in your career. The organization aims to enrich the professionals with the insights of the Industry and also provide them proper education.

Black Data Processing Associates:

BDPA is mainly formed to develop the African American minorities in the Information Technology field. The association has been keen on providing training to IT professionals and school students. The association has introduced programming to many school students so that they can have an interest in the field and become a successful IT professional. The organisation also provides scholarships, and many partners and sponsors make this possible.

Independent Computer Consultants Association:

The association is dedicated to improving the condition of IT professionals in the world. It has more than 60,000 members and provides a trusted career development source for researchers, software developers, engineers, IT professionals etc.  So many conferences are held in the association all over the year, and you can gain so much knowledge in attending such meetings.