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The Ontario legislation (Bill Pr21 1998 – An Act respecting Canadian Information Processing Society of Ontario) received Royal Assent of the Ontario Legislature in June, 1998. This Act mandates that CIPS Ontario

enhances the professional standing of its members by actively promoting the designations reserved by this Act through a program of education and support within Ontario and by emphasizing the benefits of the designations to members and employers alike.
promotes ethical practice in the field of information technology in order to protect and serve the public interest
The I.S.P. is a cross-discipline certification that identifies the holder as an individual who has current skills and capabilities across a wide range of knowledge areas within the IT profession.

CIPS members working towards or achieving the I.S.P. designation set themselves apart from other IT practitioners.

By achieving I.S.P. certification CIPS Members make a proven commitment to IT professionalism, prove that their knowledge of the IT profession, how it is applied in a business environment, and standards of practice are current and extensive.

Unlike many vendor specific certifications and even Information Technology degrees, the I.S.P. indicates that the holder has been audited independently as proving they continuously update and improve their skills and capabilities and have current relevant experience to support business in Canada and around the world.

The I.S.P. designation confirms these individuals status as IT practitioners of the highest capability and integrity and all employers should ask if the IT professional they are employing has been certified to this standard.